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privacy policy

Recognizing the protection of personal information is its social responsibility, Mami Kosemura, who belong to Yuka Sasahara Gallery, comply with related laws and regulations and promote the implementation of the following procedures.

1. Mami Kosemura makes effort to protect personal information, through constructing secure corporate information management system and through employee education, for the protection from illegal access, disclosure, loss or damage as well as maintaining accuracy of such information and updated.

2. Mami Kosemura obtains personal information under prior consent of the individual and use only where such consent permits. Mami Kosemura uses personal information for the following purpose.

  1. Announcement of new art works.
  2. Invitation to shows and events.

Where and when Mami Kosemura intends to use personal information beyond the purview or other than specified above, Mami Kosemura obtains prior consent of the individual anew.

3. Mami Kosemura does not provide personal information to third party except the followings. Even when providing personal data handled by Mami Kosemura to the third party, Mami Kosemura makes efforts to protect by obligating the third party holds and makes appropriate protection measures from such risks as leak, disclosure or further transmission from the third party.

  1. Where and when a prior consent of the individual is obtained.
  2. Where and when used for statistical data in the mode and the form that the individuality of such information unidentifiable.
  3. Where and when required by laws or regulations.

4. When asked for confirmation or correction of Mami Kosemura controlled personal data, Mami Kosemura responds to such request to the reasonable extent upon individual identification.

5. Personal information provided to Mami Kosemura prior to the implementation (March 2005) of Personal Information Protection Act of Japan shall be used under the conditions and purposes specified above.

6. Mami Kosemura abides by the laws and regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information and continues to review and makes efforts to improve Mami Kosemura's compliance program including this privacy policy.