mami kosemura

episode 3

date  2002
category  Video Installation
DVD 8.30min.(endless repeat), color,sound
  • episode 3
  • episode 3


  1. 2002 "Heikougeizyutu exibition Vol.17" Ohararyu Building, Tokyo
  2. 2003 "episode II episode III",art point gallary,Tokyo
  3. 2004 "Seeing explains itself",Tokyo Zokei University Yokoyama MemorialManzu Art Museum, Tokyo
  4. 2007 "Sustainable Art Project 2007 KOTONOBA", Former Iwasaki Residence, Tokyo


  1. 2005 "Image Forum Festival 2005” Shinjuku Park-Tower-Hall etc. Japan
  2. 2008 "6th Vladivostok International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries - Pacific Meridian-", Vladivostok, Russia

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  1. "Anything has not happened" is impossible.
  2. All things are secret and have happened surely even when you think that there is nothing.
  3. However, no one can assert the answer to these questions. "When does the happening start? When does it end?" "Where does the happening start? Where does it end?"
  4. Where is the boundary of the reality and the vision?
  5. Where is the boundary of the movement and stillness?
  6. When does the life end?When does the death start?
  7. The importance of the thing complicates the relation.
  8. As a result,「It is not this. It is not that. 」I might have to take a vague standpoint.
  9. My work is made by accumulating the photograph.
  10. I try to consider the change as accumulation of "Nothing", and try to consider time as
  11. accumulation of "Moment".
  12. I hope that I will discover something that has secretly happened to the one by recording a faint change.
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